The Future Of Drones In Photography, Video, and Film Production

Drones are taking over! Not in a scary sci-fi sort of way, just in the world of media, emergency services, security, agriculture and many other sectors.

But what does the future of drones look like for content and media creators?

The use of aerial footage and photography is nothing new, it is just now much more readily available to the public and a lot cheaper than booking a helicopter with a camera attached!

Chinese drone manufacturers DJI basically own the market for commercial and consumer drones and when they released the Phantom Series in 2014, DJI made $500 million in sales, and now is said to be worth $1.5 billion. (2016)

DJI it seems will be the front runners for 2017 with the release of the tiny 1080p drone the 'Spark' which is proof we are really living in the future, today! The technological advancements are really something, and the future looks very interesting.

2017 sees an exciting year with smaller, able and 4k ready drones being released. This gives content creators a whole new angle to work with and able to supply clients with outstanding footage and creative ideas never seen before with human eyes!

Even further forward we don't think its impossible to believe that 'we' could be even attached to larger drones themselves, as the technology is already here! 

The use of VR (virtual reality) in 2017 will also be a huge year with mind blowing opportunities with drones able to capture full 360 degree footage for users to be have a sensation of flying and have experiences never thought possible.

There is, and will be a few hurdles that will need to be looked at including laws and regulations as the market grows exponentially. But with giant names form the entertainment industry already using drones we aren't worrying too much about restrictions at this moment. A whole new creative edge has opened up and we can't wait to be a part of it!

Everything looks good from above!

View our drone-reel here!